Welcome to The Hamilton Fire Department Relief Association website. We are a 501c3 non-profit organization, set to help fall firefighters and their families in time of tragedy or distress.

Attention All:

Tuesday July 22nd 2014
Start time 630pm ; Registration starts 4pm
Race Email: 2014Roadrace@HamiltonFire.us

Please note that an error occurred for some of the first pre-race entries. You may have been charged $25.00 instead of the correct pre-entry price of $20.00. We apologize for any inconveniance, On race day if your wish we will refund the $5.00 amount owed to you. Again sorry for any inconveniance..

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Sponsored by The Hamilton Fire Dept. Relief Association inc.
 The Hamilton Fire Dept. Relief Association inc. , Hamilton,MA, serves as support orginazition for the members and their families.
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